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Green coffee air loader

(Coffee Roaster No30 only)

This is the system for the raising of the unroasted raw coffee in order to be forwarded to the waiting chamber at the top of the coffee roaster so as to be ready to enter into the roasting drum.

The system consists of the loading space at the top and the pressure chamber just below it. The electric motor with the propeller is placed inside the pressure chamber so that the whole system constitutes a unified arrangement of one volume. The whole system can be placed in a distance up to 10m horizontal from the roasting machine and up 5m vertical. That means that it can be placed even in a different floor from the roaster increasing significantly the flexibility of the arrangement.    

The raising of the raw coffee is performed by air pressure, which going through a nozzle inside the loading space sweeps the coffee beans away and through a plastic duct (PVC) carries them and deposits them at the waiting chamber. The loading space has the shape of a reverse pyramid.

It has a capacity of 50 kilos of unroasted coffee and it is constructed by DKP-1.5mm iron plate. Also, at its bottom base, next to the nozzle, it bears perimetric 6 magnets, which retain metallic objects that may be contained in the raw coffee.

Green coffee air loader

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