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The smallest grinder for Greek - Turkish - Arabic Coffee

Coffee Grinder No16

The smallest coffee grinder of ALECOS series for fine-cut greek, turkish coffee. With an emery millstone diameter of 16 cm and a powerful electric motor of 3 horse-power its efficiency comes up to 14 kg/h enough quantity to cover the needs of a small coffee shop, while its small dimensions (it only occupies 35cm of the counter) allow its placement even in the smallest shops.

The insertion box has a capacity of 4,5 kg of coffee in beans, while the serving drawer allows us to grind in the presence of the customer so offering him/her the best guarantee and certainty for the quality and freshness of the product he/she buys (photo 1). One of the features of this small but powerful coffee grinder is the cleaning system of the output neck (photo 2). That allows us to free the flow of the ground coffee even during the function of the grinder. Also, there is a protection magnet inside the beans insertion box (photo 3), which retains the iron objects that may be contained in the coffee, protecting the cutting surfaces of the grinding stones from a possible damage.

Besides the basic configuration with a serving drawer, this coffee grinder is also available with an upright base and a bag holding system (photo 4) upon request. Furthermore, the same coffee grinder is also available with a bigger beans insertion box of a capacity of 10 kgs. as well as with a bigger ground coffee storage drawer in view of the different needs each shop has. A bag shaker system is also available as an option.

DIMENSIONS 35-80-63 cm
WEIGHT   43 kg
VOLTAGE AC 220-380 V 
Coffee Grinder No16

coffee grinder 16 regulator

coffee grinder 16 hopper

bag shaking system

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