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Alecos No15, A quality medium-size roaster for Greek - Turkish - Arabic - Espresso Coffee

Coffee Roaster No15

ALECOS coffee roasters are the result of many years experience in the manufacture of coffee roasters and constitutes the most perfect and most complete solution for the average coffee grinder. The roasting of the coffee is performed by a propane burner, which is the most healthy way of roasting, since the burning of propane is complete, free of waste and burning by-products, as opposed to other burners, e.g. oil burners etc. 

The productive capacity is 36 kgr/h of roasted coffee and provide the possibility of roasting all types of coffee (golden, brown, all types of filter coffee and espresso coffee). The drum where the coffee roasting is effected, is specially constructed for the best stirring and peeling of beans. The high roasting quality is achieved thanks to the uniform heating of the beans by induction but also by a current of thermal air of the propane burner it contains, which is a result of many years of tests and experiments. 

The peeling and the quick cooling of the coffee is performed by air-pump of high efficiency, while the whole procedure is environment-friendly thanks to the "cyclone"-type chaff collector (specific for any machine), which is placed at the output of the arrangement. What is also included in No 30 type is an elevator of unroasted coffee. It is 100% Greek product, entirely manufactured in ALECOS firm situated in Thessaloniki.

DIMENSIONS 71-193-150cm 40-60-40cm
WEIGHT 210 kg 17 kg
VOLTAGE AC 220-380V 50 Hz -
CAPACITY 36 kg/h -               
Coffee Roaster No15

Coffee Roaster No15
Chaff collector No15
Chaff collector No15
The chaff collector of the ALECOS No15 coffee roaster
Drum rotating system
Drum rotating system
The V-belt coffee drum transmission system

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