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Alecos Z-115 Sugar grinder

Powder Sugar Grinder Z115

Powder Sugar Grinder Z115Powder Sugar Grinder Z115
The ALECOS Z115 powder sugar grinder is the solution we suggest for the production of super fine grinded sugar. The easy function and maintenance are its main characteristics, which in combination with the noiseless function and the high efficiency of more than 150kgs/h, render it ideal for bakery, confectioneries, productive units of packaging, apiary units etc. The    sugar grinding is perfomed with a high precision aluminium fan, which guarantees the unobstructed productive function (many continuous hours) and a long service life.  It is adjusted on a special wooden construction of a 100 kilos powder grinded sugar capacity and it is available with an one-phase motor 220V for use of common power. This high effisiensy powder sugar grinder is also available with an INOX base optionally.

The best feature of this sugar powder grinder compared to traditional grinders, is the noisless operation. The sugar is grinded by the air presure not with hammers or knives. Also the upsent of hummers or knives make this grinder capable to operate for many years because there is no phisical friction of metals.

DIMENSIONS 45-90-52 cm
WEIGHT 77 kg
VOLTAGE AC 220-380 V50 Hz
CAPACITY/HOUR 100-150 kg/h
FAN WIDTH 115 mm

Sugar grinder Z-115 with INOX base

Alecos sugar grinder Z-115 close view

sugar grinder side view INOX

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